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(F-1 student please see the Cranwell International Center)

IntlHokies is an abbreviation for International Hokies, Virginia Tech’s online immigration services portal for international scholars and student interns. Through IntlHokies, you are able to access a wide range of immigration resources and services from the Office of Global Strategic Services

More specifically, IntlHokies enables international scholars and student interns who are advised by the Office of Global Strategic Services to submit the following immigration-related requests, upload related documents, and track the status of your request(s):

  • New J-1 Scholar or Student Intern Initial Request Application
  • Request amended start and end date on initial DS-2019 Form
  • Check-In Process After Arrival
  • Add J-2 Dependent(s)
  • Update Health and Accident Insurance Information
  • Social Security Letter for Student Interns
  • DMV 30-Day Grace Period Letter
  • Update US Address and Telephone Number
  • Submit Copies of New I-94 Arrival Record, Updated Passport or J-1/J-2Visa
  • DS-2019 Program Extension Request
  • Request for Occasional Lectures and Short-Term Consultations, Additional/Outside Employment
  • Transfer In
  • Transfer Out
  • Replace DS-2019 Form
  • Shorten J-1 Program (Ending J-1 Program Early)
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Student Intern Evaluation Form
  • J-1 Departure Form
  • Travel Signatures
  • And more...