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Practical Resources

  • Virginia Lawyer Referral Service: If you need a referral for a lawyer eligible to practice in Virginia, the Virginia State Bar can make a recommendation.
  • AILA Lawyers: The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) is the legal association for immigration lawyers in the US. Use this website to find an immigration lawyer who is a member of AILA.
  • National Association of Passport and Visa Services includes a list of Passport and Visa Expeditors. Passport and Visa Expeditors can apply for a visa at the relevant embassy or consulate in the US on your behalf.
  • American Translators Association: If you need a referral for a translator, you can use the ATA’s directory. Please note that many embassies and consulates will also translate documents. While foreign language documents must be accompanied by an English translation for US immigration purposes, such translations are not required to be prepared by an official translator.