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Government Links

  • I-94 Record: Use this website to generate a paper version of your electronic I-94 record each time you re-enter the US.
  • Visa Wait Times: Use this tool to determine the official timelines for a visa application at the US consulate or embassy. Please note that the advertised timelines specifically exclude any administrative processing (i.e. background checks).
  • Visa Application Status Check: Use this page to determine the status of your visa application. Please note that you will need either the Application ID or Case Number to use this tool. ISS cannot provide these numbers to you. If you don’t have an Application ID or Case Number, please contact the embassy or consulate to obtain it.
  • Reciprocity Table: Use this tool to determine how long your visa will likely be valid, what fees you may be required to pay (in addition to the standard visa application fees) as well as an overview of common documents you may be required to present and how to obtain those documents.
  • Overview of all US embassies and consulates
  • SAVE Case Check: When you apply for a benefit from a government agency, such as a Driver’s License from the DMV, the government agency in question will use the SAVE database to check your immigration status. If an agency cannot determine your status, they may give you a Verification Case Number that you may use on this website to check the status of the SAVE verification request.
  • DHS TRIP: If you have recently experienced difficulties during travel screenings by the US government (e.g. unfair treatment, additional screenings or issues pertaining to your official travel record), you can file a Redress Request with the Department of Homeland Security Traveler Redress Inquiry Program (DHS TRIP).
  • USCIS Case Processing Times: Use this tool to determine current USCIS processing times of cases submitted to USCIS. Please note that while the official processing times are listed, delays are frequent and these processing times may change at any point.
  • USCIS Status Check: Use this tool to determine the status of your individual petition with USCIS.
  • Visa Bulletin: The Visa Bulletin provides the current cut-off dates that govern the availability of green cards per category.
  • Diversity Visa Program: Find more information on the “Green Card Lottery” at this site.
  • Social Security Office Locator
  • Virginia DMV
  • Advisory Opinion on the J-1 Two Year Home Residency Requirement: If you are not sure whether you are subject to the Two Year Home Residency Requirement, you may apply for a formal advisory opinion from the Department of State.
  • Waiver of the J-1 Two Year Home Residency Requirement: If you are subject to the Two Year Home Residency Requirement, you may apply for a waiver of the requirement
  • AR-11 Form: if you are in the US in an immigration status other than F, J or M, use this form to update your address with the US government within ten (10) days of your move
  • I-539 Form: use this form to request a change of immigration status in the US or an extension of your status. Please note that, when requesting a change or extension of status, this form is generally only used for those cases where Virginia Tech is not the sponsor. For example, this form is not used to extend someone’s H-1B status, but it is used to request an extension of someone’s H-4 status. To request J-1 or H-1B status, please refer to the relevant section of the ISS website.