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Travel for Hs, TNs, E-3s and O-1s

It is strongly recommended that you always carry your original documents when you travel domestically and internationally.
While you don't need any specific documents to leave the U.S., individuals coming to the U.S. in H, TN, E-3 or O-status will need the following documents to enter:

  • Appropriate, valid H/TN/E-3/O visa stamp (unless exempt: Canadian citizens generally do not need visa stamps)
  • Original, unexpired Approval Notice (Form I-797) if issued (always needed for H-1B and/or O-1 status. Individuals in E-3 or TN status may have a Form I-797.
  • Entire packet you received from ISS
  • Valid passport
  • If you are returning to the U.S. in H-1B status:



Upon your return to the US, please e-mail a copy of your I-94 record to GSS at

If you still have a valid, unexpired US visa stamp in an expired passport, you can continue to use the visa. To do so, you will need to carry both your expired and unexpired passport AND you have to ensure that the visa is physically intact (i.e. does not have any cuts or holes in it, even if the passport does have cuts or holes).

Please review the section on Automatic Visa Revalidation if you are traveling to Canada or Mexico for a period of less than thirty days.