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H-1B Fees

The H-1B process involves several fees. The total fee amount depends on the type of H-1B petition. In addition, there is a standard H-1B processing fee, paid to GSS, regardless of the type of H-1B request.

The Fees to US Citizenship and Immigration Services

Both OSCIS filing fees and the GSS H-1B processing fee wil be paid through HokieMart as an Interdepartmental Service  Request (ISR). Once GSS receives the H-1B request, the department contact will receive an email with instructions on how to pay these fees through HokieMart.   

  1. $460 - Basic H-1B Filing fee.  Required for all H-1B petitions.
  2. $500 - Fraud Detection and Prevention fee. This fee is only required for the first H-1B petition VT sponsors for a specific person.
  3. $2,805 - Premium Processing fee. This fee is optional and is in addition to the other fees; petitions submitted with Premium Processing are adjudicated within 15 days by USCIS. Depending on the timeline, Premium Processing may be required or recommended by GSS.

The Internal GSS H-1B Processing Fee

Each H-1B petition GSS files with USCIS requires a $700 internal H-1B processing fee

A separate ISR is required for each H-1B petition. Each transaction must identify the individual for whom the payment is being made as well as the name of the department.