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Invitation Letters to International Visitors

Invitation letters should be issued by the Virginia Tech host department.  Letters must be issued according to the wording on the invitation letter template below.  Words in bold need to be replaced with wording specific to your visitor/visit.  Invitation letters may not be issued until the department has received an export review summary document from the Office of Export and Secure Research Compliance (OESRC).





        It is my pleasure to invite you to visit Virginia Tech on DATES.  During your stay here you         will be hosted by VT HOST NAME(S), TITLE(S), DEPARTMENT(S).

        (ADD THIS PARAGRAPH ONLY IF YOUR VISITOR WILL PARTICIPATE IN RESEARCH FOR 90         DAYS OR LESS AND WILL RECEIVE NO INCOME FROM VIRGINIA TECH OR ANY OTHER         U.S. SOURCE).    As you will be visiting Virgina Tech in B-1 Visitor for Business or Visa         Waiver Business status, your stay will be limited to no more than 90 days (cumulative). If         you think your stay will exceed 90 days, please contact us immediately so we can arrange         an alternate visa category.   Extensions for those in B-1 or VWB status will NOT be         granted.

        The purpose of this visit is PURPOSE.  During your visit to Virginia Tech, you will         participate in the following ACTIVITIES VISITOR WILL ENGAGE IN.

        I understand that during your stay in the United States, VISITOR’S FINANCIALLY         RESPONSIBLE PARTY will be financially responsible for all medical insurance and medical         expenses, including emergency expenses, as well as ALL OTHER EXPENSES VISITOR IS         RESPONSIBLE FOR.  This invitation does not constitute any financial obligation on the         part of VT HOST NAME(S), VIRGINIA TECH HOST DEPARTMENT, Virginia Tech, or its         affiliated research centers during your stay in the U.S. other than VT FINANCIAL         OBLIGATIONS.

        We wish you a pleasant and productive visit to Virginia Tech.