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Address Change

H-1B, TN, E-3, and O-1

All foreign nationals in the US have to report any address changes to USCIS within ten (10) days, by filing a Form AR-11. This can be done electronically via the link or the form can be sent to USCIS via mail. Please be sure to retain a copy of your AR-11 for your records.

If you or your family members have any paperwork pending with USCIS, you must also call the USCIS to update your address by phone as the AR-11 information does not update your address on any pending petitions or requests. During the call, you should provide USCIS with the case number(s) of your pending request(s).

Please be sure to update your address with your department and HR as well.

Each individual is responsible for updating his or her address in a timely fashion.