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Obtaining H-1B Status

Only your employer, i.e. Virginia Tech, can file an H-1B petition on your behalf. It is not possible to self-petition. At Virginia Tech, only GSS can file H-1B petitions. To do so, our office will need to receive a formal request. The H-1B process is quite lengthy and involved. Therefore, it is important that we receive any H-1B extension request in a timely fashion. For an overview of the H-1B request process, please refer to the GSS H-1B Information Sheet.

Once your change of status to H-1B has been approved (if you are currently in the U.S.), or once you have applied for your H-1B visa based on Virginia Tech’s H-1B Approval Notice and entered the US in H-1B status, you may start your employment at Virginia Tech in H-1B status.

If you currently hold H-1B status and an extension of your status is requested, you may continue your employment with Virginia Tech for a period of 240 days past the expiration of your current H-1B status while your H-1B petition is pending or until a final decision is made. During this 240-day period, USCIS will adjudicate your new H-1B petition.